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No matter if you are looking for a simple app with limited functionality, an eCommerce app or a social networking app. Our team helps you to bring your ideas to life and creates a stunning user experience for your target audience.

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We support all major platforms

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Windows 10

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MB Apps are based on powerful technologies

Most of MB Apps are hybrid apps. This means that we re-use the code basis for each new platform you want to support. This speeds up the overall development process and keeps maintenance cost significantly lower than having separate code for each individual platform.
Here is a breakdown of services and technologies we use.

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Ionic is a feature-rich framework that elevates the app development process. With the platform-agnostic version 4 of Ionic, Marketing Bear is able to deliver apps written in Angular, React and Vue. If you have an in-house IT department, it allows us to write code in a way that your team is already familiar with.

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We use Electron to super-charge the desktop app development process. Many large apps are already created with Electron. E.g. Slack or Skype

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Enterprise apps may require to be developed in native programming languages for each individual platform. In this case the Marketing Bear Dev team uses Swift for iOS and Mac and Java for Android apps.

What does building an app cost

With MB Apps we try to make apps affordable for all budgets. However, usually software development requires 2x to 3x the time compared to web development. In order to help you to get a better understanding of what costs to expect, you can use our calculator below.

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