The 10 Commandments of Social Media

1. You shall Blog

Writing articles about your company, its activities, or about a subject related to your business is really important. It is one of the first things to do, because you need some content!

2. You shall create profiles

Create your profiles as fast as you can, because the names and urls could be taken by your competitors. Having profiles is important to stay in touch with your customers and increase your Brand Awareness

3. You shall upload images

Your customers want to watch and participate. So let them watch! You have all your media, just start sharing it with them. The social networks are the perfect platform for your business.

4. You shall upload videos

Post some videos! Instead of reading long articles, videos can be far more efficient. It can be either a training video, a customer video or focus on many other topics. Also you can use your camera and ask for a review from your old customers! It’s quick, free and it looks very well on social media.

5. You shall podcast

You don’t want to take a camera or don’t have a good one lying around? No problem, you can also use your computer to record some audio tutorials.

6. You shall set alerts

If users are talking about you, you should know it! Participate, answer and be present.

7. You shall comment

Comments are one of the most important actions for visibility. Comment, get involved, be interested and people will be interested in your business.

8. You shall get connected

Create a signature in your e-mail client with your facebook/twitter/linkedin links. That’s how you propagate, and how you sell yourself to the others.

9. You shall explore the social media

30 minutes per week is enough, but it is very important. You can be inspired by other projects, see what is happening at the moment and discover a lot of new things. The return on investment can be huge.

10. You shall be creative

Creativity is one of the keys for a successful social media strategy. Always give something new to your customers, they can be quickly bored. Try to have fun, and your users will believe in you and your brand.

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