MB attends the B20 Indonesia 2022 summit

B20 Indonesia Summit, an advancing innovation, inclusive and collaborative growth

We are excited to announce that MB has been selected to join the B20 Indonesia 2022 summit. Our founder and managing director Jan Rohweder joined the Australian delegation, highlighting our digital transformation efforts.

We will publish our detailed business debrief of the B20 summit very soon, but here are key insights into what was discussed among the world’s political and business leaders.

2030 is approaching fast; by that time, many businesses pledged to be carbon-neutral or net zero (Source: United Nations). While global enterprises are already implementing their strategies to reduce carbon emissions (Amazon will be carbon-neutral by 2025), it is now the time to enable SMEs and small businesses to do the same.

Technology, knowledge, and funds must be made accessible so that carbon neutrality does not become a burden on businesses but rather an advantage.

MB already offers digital transformation processes to support businesses working more effectively and leaner in an ever-changing economic environment. Now, after the B20 Indonesia 2022 summit, we are more committed than ever to enhance our efforts to support businesses with their attempt to digitalize their processes and, ultimately, reduce their carbon footprint.

MB Founder & Director Jan Rohweder at the B20 Indonesia Summit 2022
MB Founder & Director Jan Rohweder at the B20 Indonesia Summit 2022

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