MB IT Support

Number 1 in IT Management

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Computer Software Support

Let us connect your organization with programs like Microsoft 365.

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Office Devices

We can help you choose the right technology for your working environment. 

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On-site Support Team

Accurate, fast, and efficient support from our dedicated support staff .

Improve the development and management of your systems with

MB Ultra + Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner Bangkok, Thailand

Computer Software Support

  • Email moderation service provided.
  • Installation of any Office programs.
  • Ongoing support for all your computer programs is available.

Office Devices Support

  • If you’re having trouble with your computer(s), we can help.
  • Looking for a new computer or device? Contact us. 
  • If you’d like us to manage your computers and devices in your organization, let us help.

On-site Care and Assistance Services

  • Rest assured that your equipment is always safe at all times.
  • Need a technical supervisor? Don’t hesitate to tell us.
  • Have a special question or require a personal assistant? Contact us. 

Select the plan that best suits you.

MB IT Support

1: Only applicable when there is an existing backup system in place.                 Charges will apply for providing a new backup system. 
2: Bangkok metropolitan area only. There may be additional travel costs          for on-site visits outside of the BTS/MRT network.  

All of the above services are included in  MB Ultra

MB IT Support Pro

Need specialized and/or additional assistance?

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