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Search Engine Marketing or in short SEM allows you to generate sales and/or leads quickly. With MB SEM you will work closely with our SEM specialists to create a performance-focused strategy that is guaranteed to reach the set goals.

The amazing platforms we work with

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MB Landing Pages

Our in-house service for rapidly building conversion-driven landing pages. Landing pages are the pages ad users see when they click on one of your ads and usually focus more aggressively on generating leads and sales. MB Landing Page directly comes with all tracking integrations you would expect and is a fully managed platforms. This allows you to focus on your business while the Marketing Bear specialists improve your landing pages regularly with A/B tests and based on data gathered by the MB SEM team.

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Google Ads

As the heavyweight under the ad platforms, it generates a yearly global ad budget revenue of more than 100 Billion USD. We work closely together with the Google Ads team to make your campaign become another Google Ads success story.

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Youtube Ads

Even though Youtube Ads are managed through Google Ads, it offers very unique ways to communicate your message to your target audience. From text ads over animations to video ads, the possibilities of Youtube Ads are almost limitless.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads​

Facebook Ads, a platform that combines ad management functionalities for Facebook, Instagram and soon WhatsApp as well, provides an impressive level of targeting. With the help of our SEM specialists, you can reach your target audience easily.

It is all about data

Any SEM campaign is meaningless without tracking the success of it. MB SEM makes sure that you are always on top of all activities. Our SEM specialists create custom weekly reports that contain the key metrics that matter most to you. This way you can not only see the success of the campaign but also track the performance of MB SEM and our specialists. It is important for us to provide you with 100% transparency when managing your advertising budget.

The typical MB SEM process

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1. Together we identify the target audience of your business and evaluate if it should be targeted entirely or only partly with your SEM campaign.

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2. Competitor & Keyword Analysis is a core part of an SEM campaign. It will allow us to provide you with an estimate on costs and possible conversions based on data of your industry

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3. The Ad Creation process is done together with the MB Design and MB Copywriting Team to deliver ad experiences that are not only performance orientated, but also match your brand identity.

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4. Before the launch, we set up the created ads on different platforms and make sure that each platform is set up in the best way possible.

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5. At this stage, we ready to launch and MB SEM starts tracking the performance of the campaigns.

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6. Now the regular reporting follows that helps you to quickly get an idea of the success of the different campaigns. At the same time, the MB SEM specialists constantly update and improve your ads based on the gathered user data.

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