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MB Websites is an on-demand service to help you realize your dream web app or custom website. No matter if you need a “normal” website with custom features in your niche or a web app that targets thousands of users, our front-end and back-end developers are at your side and ready to help you turn your dream into reality.

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All MB Websites are unique, but they share some core features

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No matter what browser window or screen size your website visitors use, MB Websites look always great.

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SEO Friendly

All MB Websites follow the latest trends and requirements to deliver perfectly optimized websites for search engines. This is the first important step of a successful SEO strategy.

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High Compatibility

No matter what device or browser your website visitors are using, MB Websites are developed in a way that makes them accessible from all kinds of devices and web browsers. By default MB Websites support all devices and browsers that have been released or updated in the past five years.

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100% Custom Design

In most industries a website is the place where your customers meet your brand for the first time. This first impression counts and we make sure that your website’s users experience your brand in the best possible way.

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Safe & Secure

When building your MB Website, the Marketing Bear Dev Team does not only focus on making your website look great, but also makes sure that strict security standards and rules are being followed.

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GDPR, LGPD, CCPA & PDPA compliant

Protecting consumer data is important to us. We make sure that you and your website comply with the most common data policies around the world.

Typical Workflow

Most MB Websites are created following these steps


Average Duration

1. Infos

You send us all the information you can provide for your new website.

1 to 3 weeks

2. Design / UI

We launch into the Design Phase and create three unique website mockups for you. You can request as many changes or new mockups as you like until we found the perfect design for you and your brand.

1 to 2 weeks

2.1 Design

After confirming the design of your choice, we will create one more mockup of the mobile look and feel (UI) of the website.

1 week or less

3. Development

The Design Phase is cleared and we initiate the Development Phase. At this stage our development team will build the front-end and back-end of your new website.

2 to 4 weeks

4. Review Round 1

We will give you access to the first, fully functional version of your website. You have 14 days to provide us with as much feedback as you like. After you sent us all your feedback, we will implement all of it in one process.

1 to 3 weeks

5. Review Round 2

You have another chance to review the adjusted website after the first Review Round. Again, you have 14 days to provide us with feedback and then we implement all of it.

1 to 3 weeks

6. Launch

After we made sure that we implemented all your feedback of the second Review Round the launch of the website follows. This can either be on a remote hosting service or on MB CloudHost.

1 to 3 days

7. Review Round 3

After your website launched, you have one more time the chance to request changes. This Review Round is intended to be for minor changes and you have again 14 days to send us feedback.

1 to 3 weeks

8. Warranty

Until any code has been changed by you or an external party, the website is under MB Warranty. This means if you detect a hiccup at a later stage, you can always contact us and we will fix it free of charge. Please keep in mind that this does only apply to hiccups detected with devices and web browser versions available at the time of the website launch. Future web browsers or devices that come with new requirements are not covered by this warranty.


Custom Pricing Available for all Budgets

While MB Ultra is our most accessible service, we want to make sure that all types of businesses have the chance to utilize the MB Website service. The below pricing model should be seen as an example only and might defer for your project.


starting at
87,990.- THB


Custom web apps tuned for maximum performance

For companies requiring enterprise-grade security, performance and/or emergency support.

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MB Website Add-Ons Services

MB CloudHost

(available in Asia only)

5,990.- THB

in the first year,
then 7,990.- THB/year 

MB Maintenance​

Our specialists focus on keeping your website safe and secure, while you can focus on the content of the website. Here is a list of key features of our maintenance service:

1. Bi-Weekly Updates and Security Scans

2. Regular Website Backups that are stored securily on our Cloud Server

3. Compatibility Enhancements for new devices and web browser versions

3,990.- THB/month
(Minimum 3 months)

MB Content Management

If you do not have time to quickly get a new page or blog post ready on your website, our content specialists will get it done for you. Simply contact us via your preferred channel and we will get it done right away.

Pricing: Charged hourly (Please contact us to get to know your custom rate. We do provide volume discounts.)

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