MB 3.0 has launched

Marketing Bear has launched of new website MB 3.0

MB has gone through multiple stages of development. With the launch of our new website, we are pleased to announce that we have officially entered the next phase, MB 3.0

We have provided expert-driven in-house marketing solutions to SMEs and enterprises worldwide for years. In 2019 we started to introduce a new set of services around our expertise with data-driven process frameworks and state-of-the-art technology. Today, with the launch of MB 3.0, we are proud to publicly announce our business transformation services and the possibility for us to finally share success stories we worked on in the past years.

Key partnerships, such as with Microsoft, Kinsta, and ActiveCampaign, help us to implement digital business transformation strategies more efficiently. As a result, our clients can access the services of our partners without the need for in-house IT or Marketing specialists.

As we advance, we are excited to have now a website and a platform that allows us to share news, success stories, and announcements regularly.

Furthermore, the transition from Marketing Bear to MB has started. With this change, we want to highlight that our services can benefit all business units beyond just marketing.

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